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Core Widgets

Some/many of these widgets have restrictions which may restrict the type of page where they may appear or may require login

  • clock - displays the current time

    • args: military (1 or 0) - use 24 hour time as opposed to AM/PM
  • profile - displays a profile sidebar on pages which load profiles (pages with nickname in the URL)

  • tagcloud - display a tagcloud of webpage items

    • args: count - number of items to return (default 24)
  • collections - privacy group selector for the current logged in channel

    • args: mode - one of "conversation", "group", "abook" depending on module
  • suggestions - friend suggestions for the current logged on channel

  • follow - presents a text box for following another channel

  • notes - private notes area for the current logged in channel if private_notes feature is enabled

  • savedsearch - network/matrix search with save - must be logged in and savedsearch feature enabled

  • filer - select filed items from network/matrix stream - must be logged in

  • archive - date range selector for network and channel pages

    • args: 'wall' - 1 or 0, limit to wall posts or network/matrix posts (default)
  • fullprofile - same as profile currently

  • categories - categories filter (channel page)

  • tagcloud_wall - tagcloud for channel page only

    • args: 'limit' - number of tags to return (default 50)
  • catcloud_wall - tagcloud for channel page categories

    • args: 'limit' - number of categories to return (default 50)
  • affinity - affinity slider for network page - must be logged in

  • settings_menu - sidebar menu for settings page, must be logged in

  • mailmenu - sidebar menu for private message page - must be logged in

  • design_tools - design tools menu for webpage building pages, must be logged in

  • findpeople - tools to find other channels

  • photo_albums - list photo albums of the current page owner with a selector menu

  • vcard - mini profile sidebar for the person of interest (page owner, whatever)

  • dirsafemode - directory selection tool - only on directory pages

  • dirsort - directory selection tool - only on directory pages

  • dirtags - directory tool - only on directory pages

  • menu_preview - preview a menu - only on menu edit pages

  • chatroom_list - list of chatrooms for the page owner

  • bookmarkedchats - list of bookmarked chatrooms collected on this site for the current observer

  • suggestedchats - "interesting" chatrooms chosen for the current observer

  • item - displays a single webpage item by mid or page title

    • args:
    • channel_id - channel that owns the content, defualt is the profile_uid
    • mid - message_id of webpage to display (must be webpage, not a conversation item)
    • title - URL page title of webpage (must provide one of either title or mid)
  • photo - display a single photo

    • args:
    • src - URL of photo, must be http or https
    • zrl - use zid authenticated link
    • style - CSS style string
  • cover_photo - display the cover photo for the selected channel

    • args:
    • channel_id - channel to use, default is the profile_uid
    • style - CSS style string (default is dynamically resized to width of region)
  • photo_rand - display a random photo from one of your photo albums. Photo permissions are honoured

    • args:
    • album - album name (very strongly recommended if you have lots of photos)
    • scale - typically 0 (original size), 1 (1024px), 2, (640px), or 3 (320px)
    • style - CSS style string
    • channel_id - if not your own
  • random_block - display a random block element from your webpage design tools collection. Permissions are honoured.

    • args:
    • contains - only return blocks which include the contains string in the block name
    • channel_id - if not your own
  • tasklist - provide a task or to-do list for the currently logged-in channel.

    • args:
    • all - display completed tasks if all is non-zero.
  • forums - provide a list of connected public forums with unseen counts for the current logged-in channel.

  • activity - provide a list of authors of unread network content for the current logged-in channel.

  • album - provides a widget containing a complete photo album from albums belonging to the page owner; this may be too large to present in a sidebar region as is best implemented as a content region widget.

    • args:
    • album - album name
    • title - optional title, album name is used if not present

Creating New Widgets

Class Widgets

To create a class-based widget named 'slugfish' create a file with the following contents:


namespace Zotlabs\Widget;

class Slugfish {

    function widget($args) {

    ... widget code goes here.
    ... The function returns a string which is the HTML content of the widget.
    ... $args is a named array which is passed any [var] variables from the layout editor
    ... For instance [widget=slugfish][var=count]3[/var][/widget] will populate $args with
    ... [ 'count' => 3 ]


The resultant file may be placed in widget/Slugfish/Slugfish.php , or Zotlabs/SiteWidgets/Slugfish.php . It also may be linked from a git repository using util/add_widget_repo.

Traditional function based widget:

If you want a widget named 'slugfish', create widget/widget_slugfish.php containing


function widget_slugfish($args) {

.. widget code goes here. See above information for class-based widgets for details.


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